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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Home in the redwoods

Avenue of the Giants - Humboldt County

Today I am driving north to Eugene but not before I spend a few more hours on the Smith River in Del Norte County. They say that home is where your heart is and that goes in spades for me and these beautiful redwoods and this emerald green river. We spent summers iin a cabin on the river, maybe 12 miles from town, and I had planned to live in that cabin forever but it was destroyed in the 1964 floods. Every summer I return to that very spot, which is now owned by the parks, and pay homage to my childhood dreams. 

Maggie Thielen at a secret hole on the South Fork

Everywhere I go out West the weather is about a month behind so I have run into a lot of fog in the morning but it burns out at Hiouchi by noon and is glorious well into the night. I have been enjoying the moon shining down the river canyon from my tent site along North Bank Road on the main fork towards Smith River. Had to swim across the river to get the deep water and diving rocks and the water is definitely cold this year, but I am a new woman, reenergized for another year from that baptism. 

OK.... it's noon and the sun is starting to break open this fog. Off with the sweatshirt and down the road to the swimming hole I go.

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