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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Howdy

                                                                    Halloween  2007

I am about to become a ramblin', gamblin' man heading for East Capitol where merriment abounds. I was looking at photos from various Halloweens here in DC and came across the pumpkins Maggie and Bill carved a few years back.  Made me lonesome for her. She is living in Santa Monica and taking graduate courses at UCLA in library science. She's working at the music library on campus and just loving the whole deal.

I have tried a few times to post a blog since I returned from my summer traveling. Each time I had such technical glitches I cannot even tell you about it. Sometimes to do with photos, sometimes to do with the entire post disappearing at a keystroke never to be seen again. Last year I didn't keep the blog up because I had gotten a new laptop and that was a series of headaches and then I doubled my workload and never looked up until I was driving West.

Here is where I have spent most of my time since returning to DC.  This is the front hall and my studio. I just have to add a piece that will help me make some recordings and I'll have it. The laptop finally settled down and I got that cute little rolling table that holds a printer and I was in business.  Before this set-up, the computer was upstairs so I did all of my notation work up there. I still keep all of my music in the basement but it has eliminated one set of stairs to have to go up and down during a lesson.

If you turn directly around from looking at the piano in the hall, you will be looking into the living room, where my students and families hang out before (and after sometimes) lessons. It's a great room for live music and is where The Gliders rehearse a lot. There are two sets of glass doors that can close it off. Bill can be in there listening to music and I can be in the hall playing the piano (softly).  My work studio is both rooms if I am working on my own projects. Friday night the guys in the band came over for a casual jam session with me included and we had a blast. My summer practicing paid off.

I make the occasional trip downtown. Today I went to visit my gynecologist. Second year I have been seeing him. He is wonderful. I bit the bullet and went to a practice downtown. I tried for years to have a place that I could walk to in the neighborhood. It was a laughable series of strange places and doctors. An old Chinese guy in a basement on East Capitol - he retired or moved or something. There was a really old, black lady on Florida near No Capitol. She had all of this green equipment from the 50's. I saw a Hispanic doctor at a clinic in the Chinatown area that might have been a front for something else, couldn't tell. Finally, I found  Jeevan Mathura on Maryland. He was only there one day a week but he was very nice. He quit altogether a few years back, hence I have gone downtown. Here's Mathura's building on Maryland Avenue.

OK. If this post actually gets online, I think that I am back in business.  It takes time, though.  I have got to go get a candle for the jack-o-lantern and glue my handlebar moustache on. Happy Halloween everyone. I have more travels up ahead to report on.  Bill and I are heading up to New York to see Katy on Veteran's Day. We have rented an apartment in Harlem. The next weekend I am flying to Los Angeles to have Thanksgiving with Maggie. We both can't wait.

                                                                                     Love, Janet