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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Off the Grid

I am punching myself back in after a number of days of trying to take it very easy after experiencing some rather uncomfortable muscle spasms around my left rib cage. Some of you may recognize this as the area where your heart lies. The spasms started in the shower at Cousin Marc's in Crescent City as I was getting ready to drive to Oregon on Friday. I did not have a clue what was happening and the spasms just got closer and closer. I have never actually experienced labor contractions but it seemed similar except NOT. Long story short, I went to the emergency room at Sutter Coast and got completely checked out, things are good inside and it really was muscle spasms.
Consequently, I stayed in Crescent City one more night and then slowly made my way up the Smith River Canyon over the next two days. No cell phone, no email, etc. but I was in the river as much as possible. Let the healing begin. On Sunday I spent almost the entire day at the spot where I spent my summers at the family cabin. I tramped around the river rock and found where we built forts and hid out in the canyon. I swam across the river twice and had no pain. I also spent one night at Patrick's Creek Lodge up near the border, a place that I have often wished that I owned. I'd put the grand piano back into the dining room.
Monday I drove up to Eugene and checked in to the Ward Hotel - our friends new apartment above their garage. It is probably the nicest place I have ever stayed and I would like to stay forever. I am telling all of my friends in Eugene that if they want to visit they have to come to me. Except, right now I am at Ann's because she has wifi and her husband, Louis, pours me really nice Spanish wines. Katy went to their Green Frog preschool and I became their music teacher in 1990. We are discussing morals and rules while I am blogging. Hey, I didn't make the rules!
It is time for me to face the music and start heading back East. I have a great trip ahead through Washington, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ohio. I will end up with Katy and then a days drive to DC and the very patient hubby. If I could just book a flight and go home for a few days and them come back and resume this sojourn? But, no, I chose to do this and I must perservere.