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Monday, September 6, 2010

to Blog or not to Blog

Chihuly Exhibit at Cheekwood Estates, Nashville
My last blog was August 25th, when I was still en route to DC and enjoying my summer vacation. Since then I have descended into a myriad of activities and tasks here at home and keep trying to get back to this blog. Was it just a whim for the summer? Is there nothing left that's interesting for me to write about? But I have so much more to tell just about these recent travels. I have morphed into another life and can't seem to get back.

However, I have managed to post a slide show of the first leg of the trip, Virginia to California, which I was incapable of doing while traveling for reasons beyond explanation. Let's just say I am technically challenged. I have also realized that you can add captions to the photos that you post. Awesome.

The exciting news from the trip is that I got in contact with the photographer from Nashville's Art Crawl that I posed for for his swimsuit calendar at the Art Crawl on July 3rd downtown at The Arcade. I had read about him in the City Paper while I was having breakfast at Marche, Marche (go there when in Nashville). He likes to do some kind of hi-jinks stuff at every Art Crawl and this month he was putting together a swimsuit calendar from anyone who showed up, ready to pose, in their suit. Sounded fun to me. I put on my new, purple suit and grabbed the uke and drove downtown. Parking is tricky but I found a spot over near the capitol building. Walking through there I witnessed a wedding about to take place that looked very chic.

Nashville Statehouse Building, site of wedding witnessed by Janet Lee

So, anyway, I ended up having a photo shoot with this guy and I sang and played while he snapped away and it was totally like being a model and it was really fun. When I walked back, several hours later, the wedding was still going on and there was a great bluegrass band playing right around that statue in the picture. It was charming. This all happened the same day that I visited the Chihuly exhibit at the botanical gardens in East Nashville which was amazing and captivated me for several hours (see first photo). Now I'm trying to talk Bill into going back in October before it closes. Anyone interested in an overnight to Nashville?

Here in DC we are enjoying cooler, fall weather. Out West the seasons were all backed up and wacky, but here I think they have been uncommonly wonderful and right on time. Winter was awesome, spring was perfect and summer was blazing but, I wasn't around was I? Now I set my sights on apples, squash, turning leaves and John Lennon's 70th birthday - October 9th. I'm dusting off all of the choir arrangements I wrote in Eugene and am inviting Maggies' choir to come do a read through and help me celebrate as a Lennonite expatriate while they do it up back in Eugene. Anyone interested in singing Beatles' arrangements?

Ta ta for now. I am so glad I finally was able to sit down and do this. Perhaps next time I'll post my to-do lists.