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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Roadtrip 2013

Everything but the piano
Happy July 4th everyone and welcome back to Janet's travelogue/soap box.  Yes, I am driving cross country yet again. It has been two years so I am happy to be returning to some places I haven't seen for awhile.  Not really going into foreign territory as much as retracing my steps from the past two drives.

I'm so happy to have Willy helping me with the first leg to Nashville and Memphis. He's taking a long weekend and that's why we are driving on the 4th of July.  Our goal for the first day is Knoxville so we'll see if they have awesome fireworks. Wouldn't it be cool to see time lapse photography of fireworks from coast to coast?

I am still at home as I write this opening entry on Wednesday.  The car is packed for tomorrow morning's take off but Willy wants to get one more sail in tonight.  I hope he has been studying the weather because we have had a deluge of rain this week.  My rain barrel is totally full and the garden is loving it. If you are a Facebook friend then you know that I love my garden and how lovely it's been this year.  I have spent a lot of time out there and will miss it a bunch. 

I will miss my piano and my old house and my next-door neighbors and that man I live with. There will be days when I will be tired and ready to come home but they will be few.  Mostly, the days will fly by and I will be completely absorbed in the moment.  Before I know it, I'll be back home again, getting ready to teach, wishing I could get a little more of that Western air. If I was retired, I would not come back until October to avoid the last of the hurricane season here on the Eastern Seaboard. We've had a bit of the hot-humid-sauna already.  It's funny, I'm much more acclimated now and it is not bothering me the way it used to. The humidity does make my hair curl - almost as much as the fog on the Pacific, but in a fuzzier way.

I'll let you know what happens when I get to Arizona.  Oh, yes, this summer I have an iPhone, so I can take these silly self-portraits along the way. Maybe I'll learn how to get them in focus.  No more having to find wi-fi and no more of my funky GPS unit that I plugged into the car.  I think there is an app for this blog even!

So, goodbye to my East Coast friends and hello to everyone I'll meet up with along the way. I'll post some photo albums, I'll keep my status up on Facebook and hey, I might even call you up on my phone.  I have bluetooth.