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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricanes, earthquakes and such

Isabela from my living room

I have to admit that I am wishing I was home to experience Irene. We had just moved to DC when Isabela hit. We volunteered to help hand out supplies of some kind and then headed home to wait it out. Isabela went right over so we took a walk during the eye. There were parties going on all over the place on peoples' stoops. It was all quite exotic to me at the time, having only experienced some small typhoons on the West Coast. Typhoon - Hurricane..... now, what is the difference? 
While Katy and I were in Tahoe, the earthquake hit the East. Now that is something I have experienced many times. Such an eerie feeling as the earth quivers and your house lets you know just how it was constructed. Bill was in the Interior Building, which was built in the 1920's and held up like a rock. He told me it was nothing, not to worry. It wasn't until much later that I talked to Maggie and Brian and they both had very different stories to tell. Shaking walls, books falling off of the library shelves, Maggie under a desk. Imagine if it had been just a bit stronger.   I know that the Washington Monument suffered some cracks but what I want to know is, what happened at Monticello and Charlottesville? They were right at the epicenter but no one mentions it on the news. I hope that Thomas Jefferson's treasures weren't harmed.

There was an earthquake in Colorado, too. That is where I am now but wasn't when the quake happened. I just cruise along with beautiful weather, incredible scenery, mostly good food and drink and wonderful get togethers with old friends. Should I feel guilty? No way. These road trips are the greatest things ever.

I am currently in Salida, CO after having stayed in Glenwood Springs last night (my absolutely cheapest motel room at 44.00) and driven through Aspen and over Independence Pass this afternoon. I looked on both sides of the Great Divide at 12,00 feet this afternoon and was quite impressed. Hwy 82 is not for the faint of heart. I knew I was in Aspen when I could not count the Lear jets at the airport. I made a quick getaway. Salida I really like. I am staying at a hostel run by friends of Maggie. Tomorrow I am going to swim in the Arkansas River, hike up to an aspen grove and soak in a hot springs pool. Guilty? Not a bit.

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